More Blog Pimping

Shyam writes about a comment pimping I deleted the comment pimping and here at MixedBag. Blogger didn't stop it, but at ContentSutra, the Akismet spam plugin caught the post and put it where it belongs - in the Spam section, alongwith comments advertising weight loss phentermine, valium and other strange things.

The details of the comment:
Name: rajeev | E-mail: | URI: | IP: | Date: October 5, 2006


Nice blog!

Why don’t you consider writing about some of the new “India 2.0” sites that are creating a little buzz as well?



A Google search reveals that your friend Rajeev has been quite active. He's also got a blog here.

I've given some feedback. If you've been spammed, you should too.

There's also a possibility that since this means of promotion is counter-productive, this "Rajeev"could be ilaaka or onyomo's competitor. Unlikely, but possible.

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