Day Two of posting links.

Wow! This is, like, getting regular, dude! Two days in a row and all. Kewl! Next thing you know, I'll be buying a domain and stuff. Heh.

As they say during kickoff, here we go:

Blogger Rhymebawd said...

The Shins. Of course you should! Here's more incentive. (From "Pink Bullets")

Cool of a temperate breeze
from dark skies to wet grass
We fell in a field it seems now
a thousand summers past

When our kite lines first crossed
We tied them into knots
To finally fly apart
We had to cut them off.

Since then it's been a book
you read in reverse
So you understand less
as the pages turn

Or a movie so crass
And awkardly cast
That even I could be the star.


More reccos? If you like this, you should give Modest Mouse another go. And "Twin Cinema" by The New Pornographers (but not their earlier 2 albums).

Highly recommended -
The Clientele (everything they've done)
Wolf Parade ("Apologies to the Queen Mary")
Elbow ("Leaders of the Free World")

December 05, 2005 9:19 PM  

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