All about timing...

Anybody remember that NPower Cricket game that was a rage a few years ago? Well I rediscovered it, of all places, on my sisters laptop (she doesn't like cricket, now that Jonty's retired) and have been playing quite regularly - thiry to forty times a day, every time I take a break from studies, which is, as you can see - quite often. Good fun.

According to the Npower site, the highest score is 426/1 by Gaurav Rele. Not surprisingly, a majority of the high-scores are by Indians.

You can play the game online (here) or download it (and then open the file using your browser)

My highest score so far is 242/0 247/0 257/3 258/0 269/2 in the 12 overs that one is allowed. Gameplay is quite easy - use the arrow keys to hit the ball. If the ball comes down the leg side - left arrow key; off side - right arrow key; straight - up arrow key. What's really difficult is the timing.

If you play it, do post your scores, as long as they're below mine. O-)

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